Terms of use of Tera Neva

terms of use

TERA NEVA bonds (referred to below as the “Bonds”) offer a 100% guarantee at maturity on invested capital, are issued by the European Investment Bank, and are the subject of an application for admission for trading on the regulated market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. In no case may their subscription, placement, or resale occur by way of public offering in France or in any other jurisdiction.

The main features of the Bonds explained on this website are merely a summary.

It is up to investors to understand the risks, pros, and cons associated with an investment in the Bonds and to take an investment decision only after a serious review with their advisors of the compatibility of an investment in the Bonds considering their financial situation, the various information on this website, and the legal documentation of the Bonds.

Investors must perform their own analysis of the risks and, if necessary, first consult their own legal, financial, tax, or accounting advisors or any other professional.

The legal documentation of the Bonds consists of: (a) the Base Prospectus, entitled “Debt Issuance Programme” dated 8 December 2014 approved by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, (b) its possible Supplements, and (c) the Final Terms of the issue (“Final Terms”).

Investors should be particularly aware that by acquiring the Bonds, they take a credit risk on the issuer. In the event of inconsistency between the information on this website and the legal documentation of the Bonds, the legal documentation shall take precedence. The legal documentation is available on the issuer’s website.

The Bonds are not sponsored, promoted, sold, or supported in any way by Solactive, and Solactive does not offer any express or implied guarantee or assurance whatsoever regarding the results of the use of the Index and/or the components of the Index or the price of the Index at any time or in any way.

The Index is calculated and published by Solactive. Solactive uses its best efforts to ensure that the Index is calculated correctly. Regardless of its obligations to the issuer, Solactive has no obligation to report errors regarding the calculation of the Index to third parties, including, in particular, the Bonds’ investors and/or financial intermediaries.

Neither the publication of the Index by Solactive nor the granting of the licence for the Index or the components of the Index for use in connection with the Bonds constitutes a recommendation by Solactive to invest capital in these Bonds or constitutes, in any way, an assurance or opinion from Solactive concerning any investment in these Bonds.